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Me now that I know I have a thing for pink characters starting KH3 and seeing the Marluxia segment in the opening: HM

"I can handle Johnny Joestar shoving bugs up himself to cum but him having a pussy is just too weird"

I hope I am not just an animal fucker to you all, but a friend too.

Decided to add to the Johnny bug fuck art. This is what I'm doing at 5am instead of sleeping.

Haven't been feeling well the past few days so take this scribble of Scary Monsters but a baby

Please imagine sloppy dino makeouts. Diego could literally throat fuck Johnny with no room to spare with his tongue alone in Utahraptor mode.

Johnny Joestar is a zoo because Jonathan is and no I will not take criticism on my opinion

My friend drew my Vanilla Ice design and I'm losing my miiiiiiind

"You are literally never living down being an animal fondler" -My Mom, cackling as I pet the cat

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Commissions open!! Please contact me through Discord or Telegram!! (If youre unable to use CashApp, I'm willing to negotiate other payment methods privately.)

Going through Danfan Ronpa again is killing me. Feeling ishimondo hard for the first time since high school.

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