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So hey, finally working on the comic. posted the first prologue and you can find more info on

Beta for the game is coming out soon, so I'm gonna post a sample of what's to come music-wise

Tumblr stupidity went for twitter so that's why I left. I sure do hope none of it leaks here-- oh... Once they find out she's black he's gonna bend over backwards

I had locked this in the back of my mind. This still upsets me


We all need a loli slave sometimes so here's this

It's that time again where I remember that stupid drawing I did

Tbh the only reason I made this is cuz he says these exact words... He's from a Nickelodeon show btw

Besides working on my comic, I've also been making music for two games. One I can't say much about, but the other is being made by a close friend of mine so I'm able to at least share this track

Finally picking up steam and working on chapter 2 of my comic

welp, at least I tried. Now I know I can multitask tho so I'm gonna work on some of my other projects

Noncontober/Trap content 

Day 8: Gang Rape

First time I put my best boy in this situation... Kind of feels wrong but I still think it's hot ๐Ÿ˜ณ

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