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Since I'm done with chapter 2 of my comic (last pages will be posted Friday) I might as well start promoting for the time being.

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I want a girlfriend that would hold me close and let me rest my head on her breasts /)//3//(\

The only thing I miss about twitter is seeing Lilithlovett tbh. She was a cute artist/mutual 🙇‍♂️💕

I just remembered that I drew this last night... I don't remember what compelled me to draw it tho

Why are episodes of Robot Jones structured like an anime?

Actually idk if I ever posted it before but here are three fun facts:
1. Mei and Lewis are cousins, but Mei insists on calling him "big brother" as she doesn't have one.
2. Doll Mei was a one-off I made that was slightly inspired by the "Lolita Slave Toy" story. However, I kind of want to explore her more in my spare time.
3. Doll Mei and the Lewis of her story have never met before, which is why her phone (provided by her master) is "glitching out".

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btw I wanted to try something different and used some japanese tags

Made this as a small break from commissions (based on a dumb doodle I did in a Jack Box game)

Also the first commission is taking longer than expected cuz of the many alts it has... Maybe I should not have allowed alts lol

Wet dream 

I had this dream where I was at my favorite arcade and I met this short, flat chested woman in an oversized sweater. She was a little pale but we seemed to have liked each other for awhile. Last thing I remember is fucking her in the small bathroom the arcade has... I kind of wish she was real now lol

I can't believe Celesse showed off my art in a stream that I MISSED. Oh well, lol. Thank you for loving my work it Celesse, means a lot ;v;❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Gonna be working on these comms, thank you to all the people who are supporting me 💖

not sure if this counts in the comic format.
but Happy Easter totally forgot what today was so didn't get to do a head start...

Horny thoughts 

There are times when I want a girlfriend who's tall, thick, and stacked. Other times I want someone small, thin, and flat chested. It's difficult cuz I either want a mommy or a little sister type of girlfriend

I'm figuring more things out about the software. I guess with practice I will be able to do better with less frames
Also I had to crop the animation a little cause the resolution I had it originally was not accepted in baraag.

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