@robomb Wow, I love this picture. Just can't stop looking at it. Beautiful. 🙂

@Smudge_Proof @robomb 19th century European painting wasn't my focus at University, but a woman holding a pot or vase was a common trope. Dow, Bouguereau, and Waterhouse all did, I believe

@son_of_the_paladin @robomb Ah, yes, I just thought there was a direct reference you had in mind.

@Smudge_Proof @son_of_the_paladin
the original idea behind the drawing was simply a girl carrying a jug of water in the bath. i didn't really use any direct reference, but i did manage to find this painting after some googling:

that's probably the painting he's talking about. there are like a million statues inspired by it, and it was one of those statues that inspired me to draw this.

@robomb Beautiful, mouthwatering naked body and moody background! True art, left me speechless for a moment.

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