Some old concept arts for a possible comic that I have in mind: A dark turn of the episode 'Black Eyed, Please'

The whole thing still is a bit sketchy, so I'm open to suggestions. I work better brainstorming or when I'm discussing my ideas.

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@rirfen I haven't watched that episode, but looking at what you've drawn and reading a summary I get the gist of it.

A dark turn huh. The premise reminds me of a few comics. Teacher calls the student into a classroom after hours to reconcile privately, then has her gang raped by several male students. Often blindfolded, sometimes drugged. The goal is usually to get the student knocked up, but Lisa's 8 as I recall.

It depends on how dark. Personally I don't like TOO rough with torture and such.

@gdragon Oh, don't worry. It's not like that. Indeed I want to avoid cliches like that.

Indeed my comic is more about bullying and moral corruption and it's based on Ms. Cantwell's rant at the end of the episode.

Probably it going to be quite dark, around the same degree as "The Witch with no Name" by Fixxxer, but there's not going to be torture, at least not physical.

@rirfen Judging from that and the sketches it sounds quite interesting. And I'm always down for some good Lisa lewd.

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