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This was a Patreon reward I got to do. I only played for the first time last month, and I thought it a shame we never really get to know . Depicted here is what might have been.

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Day 35: I've drawn a harpy before, but this one's an owl-type so it's totally a different thing. Totally. People keep getting intimidated by Allie, but behind her serious gaze lies the brain of a moron.

haven't tried animating in aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages. but any excuse to draw @Dorothy

Day 34! I wanted to draw a delinquent, but I also wanted to give him a twist, so he's into D&D and likes playing high INT characters.

Day 33! Decided to go with a nurse today, does she treat people naked or do people automatically start picturing her naked? The truth may surprise you!

Day 32! Just because someone's got a job helping people, doesn't mean they're a good person. Just don't let her hear you say that or you might find out just what a fatal healing entails. Special thanks to @Dorothy for coming up with the character

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Day 29! I wanted to draw something , so with a bit of brainstorming we came up with Kayla! She's a good girl keeping up with the times. Her arm has so many useful attachments, ya know!

A day late, but day 28. Meet Vicky, a typical , happy to grant anyone their most illicit dreams, but in exchange she'll take soda from their fridge as well as their energy. Poor girl doesn't have any in hell.

Day 27! @Dorothy suggested the idea of a boy who keeps getting mistaken for a girl without intending to be a trap, so that's what I drew.

Day 26: Y'know what I haven't drawn yet? A good ol' yandere gal. Sammy's a cutie, just remember: 'no' is the forbidden word!

Day 25! felt like drawing an amazon, so that's what I did. Death by snu snu is a fantastic way to go

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