nekkid pussy 

it's gyaru Serval

so degenerate it got a custom tag on pixiv lol

Natsu nutting 

"And this is for all the fan service I had to give cuz of you!"

Nightcrawler cums in handy 

Kitty and Kurt, sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g. also a handjob. and a dress.


dvd cover 

what if Ruby Weiss and Jaune did porn?

I recently hit 1000 twitter followers and to celebrate it and Halloween I drew this witchy Miki

nothing to see here 

Swamp tribe Katara! Manipulating vines sure cums in handy!

lwde rwby 

Based on the fanfic Cherry, Ruby finds herself picturing how she'd look both as mistress and as slave.

a mouthful of cock inside. and more. 

gyarufication + choker meme = magic

shoulda used protection 

Graf Zeppelin has her hands full at the moment


rub a dub dub, Ruby and Jaune in a tub

nekkid pupper 

A fun patreon reward I got to do of Ruby getting into some pet play!

snapping Felicia 

>draw snap my choker meme
>get snap my choker meme commission

life is gud

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