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I'm just going to be posting links to my Tumblr because that's the only place I can host fics at the moment. I write porn, and this is some of it.

A young tiefling and his Tabaxi tutor get up to some hijinks. The first half of this story takes the form of a diary, with the second half being third person.

Havin no mate when in heat is a real modern day issue, hope no unfortunate soul stumbles into her lair durin such a dangerous time.

Patreon reward today: Lapis Lazuli!

Full resolution available for patrons only

Heck I should really remember to upload stuff here more often ;u; A very small teaser of the loli elf druid fic you guys voted for! I'll be posting the full thing on sunday, knot included~

Sorry for the radio silence. Working on other projects, I'll have that slutty druid fic done for this weekend! If she can hold on that long...

Now available for all: a combo 2 commission of hybrid Rosalind, as requested by @SilverFox442.

Hewwo baraag, I'm back and even tho I'm not nearly popular enough for it I made stuff with one of my ocs so I thought I'd share 🤷‍♂️

i will never stop shipping these two as long as i live. link and romani NOT MALON THAT HARLOT

It looks like the druid loli taking the knot won the poll. It was more of an interest check than anything, but I'm very happy so many people voted! It makes me wanna write that right now! Maybe I should set up some things about her character for y'all before I get working on the story.

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