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Hi! welcome to my little horny nostalgia corner. ☕🎵



結構気合いれて描いたので出来ればたくさんの人に見てもらいたいまとめ。ヴァイオレットちゃん、可愛いよね!  #VioletEvergarden #ヴァイオレット・エヴァーガーデン



BNHA series commission, Shouto and Ochaco. ...I need to do this with Tsuyu.

PSA - I'll be honest, for artists looking to be found and grow their audience here, you've GOT to use tags! I cannot stress this enough.

On tumblr I was a NOBODY but thanks to consistent tagging and posts I managed to grow to 7.5k followers and I don't draw! When I poke around for artists and new art, it's SUPER annoying to find content not tagged b/c it's just THAT much harder to find. It's even worse that I can't add tags with boosts.

TL;DR - want an audience? USE TAGS!

apologies for my long absence!! heres one of my boys as apology 🙏


sorry I'll shut up now! goodnight sleep well everyone

touichirou soooo fucks shou. He can treat his son like dirt he DEFINITELY molests him. and shou is uncomfortable but since that's the only kind of attention he can get from his father, he plays along and sucks his cock ^q^ jerks him off. laps up all of his cum.

LRT!!!! it's especially hot when it's a younger sibling seducing an older brother... and big bro isn't sure he can go through it but is still really horny... and it's just a matter of time before they give up to little sibling's horniness... I'm :sweats:

Is there anything better than seeing a shota or loli being the one seducing the older crush / love interest? Its both super cute and super hot

Goodnyaight.... remember to believe in the Heart of the Cards

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