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Big beta drop for beta tester/super believer role today,
Drezlan all dropped for beta
which also mean 2/3 are closer to be out for public! (maika is exclusive to beta tester/super role or daz marketplace/unreal marketplace) to join :)

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Anyway, i effin hate politika haha is why i never speak of em, so, we back to normal program of models and junk
Maika beta 3 just went to beta ppl, fixed up issue in daz of face stretching during import, so she be out real soon for her and models and more, and ya those not at all rendered or properly lit, but is what you get out of box for daz

As blanket statment on this, it have nothing to do with religion. I'm really very religious (though no christian of course, im from Asia), it has to do with extremism, not all religion or belief are extremism. Thing is, you looking at lolishota, which is proven lower rates child abuse, even country i living in is near mainstream and one of lowest rate of actual child abuse in world right, but they take rights one by one, won't be long until they take a right that directly effects you.

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I'm not political, even a little, and i dont living in USA right, but like, i am a women and holy fuck what is so fucking terrifying about giving women rights to you America? Or...did you think you live in a free and equal society?
I've talk about struggled face by female artists like me and @Amberkat many time, and when supreme court of most powerful country is overturning body rights on women, wtf we expecting to change? The idiocracy rises, and people are cheering...fucking cheering...

hey do me a solid ya? fall down some stairs, and magicaly recover but like, have painful brusies...
also she's zheng....from little known area japan known as "hangzhou"...?

I'm just so big fan of you pirating months of work i give ppl who can't afford her free anyway, adding a crap tattoo, and callin her japanese...

Big beta drop for beta tester/super believer role today,
Drezlan all dropped for beta
which also mean 2/3 are closer to be out for public! (maika is exclusive to beta tester/super role or daz marketplace/unreal marketplace) to join :)

So, here's deal:
Ever dreamed of editing a crazy person's long rambling blog entries to be better and more shorter?
Every wanted to lose your mind and 100% guaranteed end up in a rubber room?
Let me know, I'm looking for someone to edit my rambling blogs down to a human level and not a insane adhd person level

What's it pay? EXPOSURE! kidding that's dumb,
you'll get on beta team so you get all the models and clothing and stuff in exchange

Join Team Syn today, and becomes Synful!

Follow up to "Life and the acceptance" blog ppl been asking, it's **LONG**, okay? I went way deeper into my soul then i ever plan to and i just hope it helps someone. Maybe it won't, it'll be too long to read and im too crazy, but, what came out came out, and as with all things i do ill stand by it and accept anything ppl got to say in return.

My self model haha...won't be release for sale ever if ur curious...
i hope everyone finds their purpose ♥

here is 3 photo of fake scam links going around (jay capped em btw no me)
As you see, instead of real contact giving infos, naming you, etc is like "click this link" which lead to a pretty weird looking url and download file with SRC virus file - these types work even on linux ftr from waht i heard but im far off computers expert, i just using ubuntu, so don't click it unless they giving you a number you can easily verifying - me, CANON isnt asking you to collab on lolishota.

Show thread won one of the pixiv OurIntroductions prizes!
Thank you for all the support

Free for all as with all weird rambly hyper blogs

The other thing is, there's BIG scam going around pixiv to creators to click some url shortener link and giving you src file that logs keys and captures, ive included a heavily blacked out and stuff contract you get from a legit company to compare - when you doing a collab with they give: contact info, name you by name AND suck up.

like ive made *LOTS* have 4 more just to be safe
WARNING: some are p old so dont expect modern quality, ive worked insanely hard get modelling to level im at and arts, is still not where i wish to be, im just saying the quality has risen over time due to effort and will keep rising - some of this is old n looks less good

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is multiple ppl asked for "more foot fetish" thing is, ive made lots, most are commisions, but have 4 to support me and my insanity or just read all the long rambling blogs about life

So (mostly) fanbox exclusive set it up n out to the fanbox peoples, here's some sample shot to own it and tons more stuff, and help us raising money for people who lost homes in current war ♥ (a pretty large portion of fanbox incomes goes to various charity we research n find much of money is given to actual people, is same all times, the rest goes to paying for my very expensive tools or sometimes licensing fee on proudcts used to making stuff)

Who asked for long rambling post going deep into my mindset? No one? Cool, that's correct answer, here it is if ur insane and/or as weird as me
free for all as ever with dumb rambling blogs

and enjoy this photo of a pig plug in a butt for your suffering

I swear i need hiring someone to supervising baraag, all times i decide having a life it goes ballistic on me hahaha.,..

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