@LilAndy I used your image as reference for this drawing I hope you don't mind.

@fairycosmo I am sorry to hear that man it's a load of shit that they don't give you a chance with the following you have.

@sooperman So if that ass is owned by WB, do I have to pay to use it?

@allcharacters18 She looks like fang the little monkey from Dave the Barbarian.

@yev_san Since you did some minecraft how about you draw alex or enderwoman?

@fairycosmo I am sad to hear everything is that bad, but at least you can be sure i love your work and everything you do, you have real fan with me, i follow a very small group of artists and you are one of the. Wathever you decide to do in the future, if you keep on drawing, I will love to see your art and I will follow every single piece of work you do.

@Ren I don't care what they say , Pepe is a simbol of love.

@maniacbox Take your time with the others girls, I am gonna make sure this one goes down for sure :bubbles:

@kaikoinu Fun fact chichi is an old fashioned word for boob in argentina.

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