June's FANBOX vote winner!

I was craving making a picture similar to the Waterhouse nymphs and it devolved into this :astolfoqt:
The elves aren't from any series

@pumpkinnsfw Splendidly drawn sexy elf girls and epic cock!

No wonder I can't find any willing elf girl to date. My dick isn't exactly small, but there's no way I can compete with this. :P

@YRVY I actually wish I'd done a better job with it but thank you!

Damn those sweet little lolis with such a huge cock to play with, amazing. It's as big as their torsos. And they are so cute and beautiful. What a lucky guy!

@pumpkinnsfw Really missed seeing you do pieces like these. It´s not only the girls but the level of detail in everything that is amazing. Water, the glans of the penis, the wet clothing. Amazing !

@pumpkinnsfw I saw that Mochi/Circle Rin liked it! That’s incredible! So happy your art is paying off 😊

@pumpkinnsfw Lovely artwork and I agree with others that it's extremely well made. But personally, I would've loved to see the girls doing lovey-dovey stuff with that well-endowed male specimen instead.

In the end, I won't remember your artworks for the insanely well drawn backgrounds or water, but for the girls and their interactions.

Even just one after-image for your artworks would be nice, or variants. Your artworks are always one-offs, which I find unfortunate.

@nyooo This was chosen in a vote and went against very explicit penetration pics, also the last lewd picture I drew literally had variants lol

More seriously, I don't feel like doing alts most of the time because I find them boring to do and I'd rather make something else

Sorry that you don't like these types of pics but plenty of people want to see them too

@pumpkinnsfw It's nice to have a response from you, as I admire your art for a long time now.

If that is the wish of the people, then so be it. I just think it's a bit of a waste to not have variants that could be done with possibly not too much effort and have a "conclusion" of sorts to a piece.

@nyooo I made this picture with strong cues taken from John W. Waterhouse, if I added some variants I just feel like it would cheapen the idea of a "fine arts"-inspired illustration

Not everything needs to be balls to the walls jerkoff material and I don't feel like making stuff like that sometimes either

@pumpkinnsfw I didn't know you feel so strongly about this. I respect that. Do whatever you feel like is right.

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