@pumpkinnsfw I dont like much beastiality, but your girls are just too damn hot to not like this. Great work!

@mai @pumpkinnsfw this is really sexy owo, which girl in that pic do you wish you were mai? :p
welll im not the biggest fan buut.. if i had to choose id pick the blackchaired girl in the right~ though in this image i feel theyre all a little too small for me and stuff

@mai @Seq
Haha, that's fine, I should make some less loli-looking bestiality pics too :blobcatbreadpeek:

<3 love your artstyle :3 very soft and nice! and while i love lolis i guess my definition is different than some people's =w=
@Seq @mai @pumpkinnsfw
Bottom right gorl is so lovely imo
She better still be hungry after the pupper is done with her hehehe.
~( @ u @ )~

@pumpkinnsfw I don't know why I haven't commented on this yet, but this is one of your best pictures yet; and that's saying a lot! Great composition, colors, and it's just awesome being able to see all of these girls getting in on the action. And I think that purple haired girl is that one fairy? Regardless, it's great to see good ol' Kon being forever immortalized in porn XD.

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