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Sesshōin Kiara Lily from my FANBOX poll!
Posting a Christmas picture this late gives off the same type of energy as taking down your Christmas decorations in spring.

Merry Christmas :astolfoqt:

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My tendinitis is getting a little bad again, I'm gonna have to slow down on drawing commissions, very sorry for that :blobcatsadreach:

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July's fanbox vote winner! ベロニカ/Veronica from Dragon Quest 11

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I was asked to, so I made a downloadable mega folder of my stuff!

I've lost a few of the oldest pics but this should compile about all of them :blobheartcat:

P-tan, I started this half a year ago, finally finished it :blobsweat:
I still have another picture in this style I'd like to finish

Maybe we'll see it in 2022 :astolfoqt:

when you get invited to a birthday party, but a dwarf made the cake :notears:


お絵かき掲示板「仮」さんにて「なまいきロリ(?)」。ロリではないと思う。あとなんでか生意気ロリといわれると金髪碧眼娘って脳内変換される自分の頭の心配をすべきだと思ったりw #しぃペインター #cheerpj


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