heyyoooo my twitter got suspended but i'll still post on here

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@puketriton well that's my reason to fully ditch my main twitter I was only keeping it to look at ur posts
Fuck it

@puketriton that sucks, i’m hoping that you can return one day πŸ˜” i just made an account here to follow

@puketriton thats awful. Glad to see youre still on here though

@puketriton That's lame. But I'm glad I can still follow you on here. Love that sweet sweet girlboi

@puketriton Sucks about Twitter, but baraag is better for art anyway. At least we have this platform nowadays.

@puketriton twitter is cancer. its like the slightly less old version of facebook, and the more popular tumblr where people go to be offended at everything.

@puketriton that is their major loss. I'm glad you're still here with us. Love your art.

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