enjoyers who wants to do an art trade?

i'll draw most things except for furries, scat & feet. almost everything else is fair game including lolisho :)

i can do more artstyles than what's on my profile here, check out @/velvetfestival_ on twitter for examples. i like/rt all of my art there. atm i prefer my funky textured art, though!!

dm me either here or on my twitter main (@/pomygranite) if interested! we can work something out...

maaaybe even featuring some of our rarepairs? Γ™wŌ

{ age gap | noncon } 

ah~ i can just imagine lilac roughly shoving poor little princess onto the floor as she's left wondering what comes next... we all know, don't we?


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{ age gap | noncon } 

when trying to get what they want, lilac can certainly be rough... doesn't help that mine is half-demon now does it~

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{ age gap | noncon } 

thread of lilac x princess doodles for an idea me and my partner had. will add onto this over time... for now, we start with this

{ loli | coercion / dubcon } 

cream puff pressured into blowing one of her teachers for some "extra credit"? hell yea

{ incest | loli } 

style experiment doodle of walnut and almond from ab a week ago. i think he should be able to bad touch her. as a treat

{ noncon | shota | monster } 

wizard cookie watch out for the tome monster oh no haha

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