doodles of Nosebleed girl from Little Nightmares

(fanbox subscribers got to see this early!)

Some doodles of the OTP (first image is my teen AU)

fanbox subscribers got to see these early!

actually nvm if u saw that pic i just deleted, i’ll post it tomorrow

Ok thanks I had to get some horny cartoon thoughts out somewhere it has been a rough last week

Ace is one of those shotas where I imagine as a teenager, his dick would be above average size (tho not huge), Gaz accidentally sees it when he’s changing after a game and it becomes burned into her brain. When did this happen?!

I don’t share that sentiment for Mac or Aaron in my other ships lol they get to have small/average sized dicks, but it feels appropriate for a horny, teenage Ace Ambling. Then Gaz is left shamefully wondering how it’d feel in her, in any hole.

Teen Ace misbehaving for Gaz’s attention, so Gaz punishes him by sucking Ace’s dick until he cums down her throat, she swallows all of it then keeps going, overstimulating him and leaving him a moaning, writhing mess with tears pricking the corners of his eyes, until he comes again and again, only able to dry orgasm after a certain point and begging her to stop until he collapses from exhaustion. Gaz leaves him like that, denying him kisses and cuddles.

(I should draw this lol)

He wants her to consider him in ways she would consider adult partners and so it hurts.

Meanwhile, Gaz begins to notice Ace getting taller, how toned he is from playing The Game when he changes in the locker room, and something about his anger and lack of fear to talk back to her turns her on in a way she can’t describe and that freaks her out which leads to her withdrawing from Ace more and falling into old, destructive habits and sleeping around more frequently to avoid it.

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