Fanbox subscribers got to see this early!

A fun comm of @/catboyjail (on twitter) and his friends loli OCs !!

little sappy RK/Mono NSFW comic, you can view the full comic early in my server if you subscribe to my fanbox

Six/Thin Man noncon from Little Nightmares. Full NSFW sequential art piece can be viewed early in my server.

I have some Mono/Six/RK nsfw sequential art that you can view if you subscribe to my fanbox:

The full version will be posted publicly in about a week.

Discord server subscription tier is up on fanbox!

"You get everything I'm offering at start up: Exclusive access to NSFW fan comics, including works in progress, development art, and finished pages before I post them online. You will also receive access to my discord server where most of the action will take place, and the ability to vote in polls. As a bonus I'll be including development updates on the progress of animatics for my original projects."

messing around w/ these characters, and they are so open to interpretation, I find it frustrating.

so keep that in mind with my comm and subscription prices), and also I want to deter people looking to sneak in for malicious reasons. Things are going to be a little barren at first as I have to collect and organize all my art, but it’ll start filling up fast. I’m really looking forward to doing this ❤️

I’ll try to make it as enjoyable as possible for everyone.

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Ok i’m gonna open the subscription tier for my discord server tomorrow. I think it’ll be a lot of fun and i’m excited. I’m gonna charge $6 (mostly bc after fees I only get ~$5) but you’ll get access to everything, projects, the server, wips and stuff I don’t post publicly, etc.
The price is what it is because I am disabled with limited ways to make income and live in a very expensive area (my rent alone is $1800 a month not counting anything else @-@

This was a little nightmares commission of Mono and The Lady, it was both really fun and also what got me into the game : )

So the discord server I’m doing to host most of my projects for my subscription service is now up, but it’s pretty barren because I’m yet to collect all the high res version of my art and drop it along with projects. So I can either put up the subscription tier tomorrow so people can join it as I’m adding things, or I can maybe wait until next week when I have more in it. Which would you prefer if you’re interested in subscribing?
(i’m using fanbox for now bc subscribestar won’t respond to me)

Commission of the Giana Sisters (video game characters) for an anon! Thank you for commissioning me ❤️

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