Poor Steven, crying and singing can be exhausting, but Connie will always be there to cheer him up

Velma is in killer mode, no silly dog is gonna prevent her to get to Shaggie (time to put that ultra instinct to food use dude, zlinks!!)

Original art by me, totally rad colors and BG by HMN

Here is a little strip I did, featuring my all time waifu Sandybell, the strip is based on a situation that happened in the anime, where Sandy poses for Mark (her love interest) and she falls in the river, Marks rescues her and she has to take her wet clothes, all this while Mark watches, he tells her that she is beautiful and both get flustered. I added Kitty (Sandy's love rival and villain for most of the series)

Original artwork by me, fantabulous colors by HMN

Higher res version at Pixiv.

Return to school could not be sweeter, don't you think?

Original artwork by me, stupendous colors and BG by HMN

A late halloween pic, I saw a Milo episode where Melissa is dressed as a witch and she looks oh so awesome!! so I had to do a pic of her, Zack is gonna receive the VIP halloween treat!!

Here we have cute lil' Violet posing for her boyfriend, and eventually showing herself in full glory

Original artwork and BW versions by me, incredible colors , BG and invisibility effects by HMN

Here we have Melissa Chase, sending a nice selfie to Zach, the lucky bastard!!

Original artwork by me, delicious colors and BG by HMN

Hello everyone!! here we have Marinette and Adrien having some quality time together. Lipstick and no lipstick versions (I could not decide which was the one I liked more)

Original artwork by me, miraculous colors and BG by HMN

Hi everyone!!, I've been really busy these days after returning to the office but hey, I had to retake drawing and here is a nice pic featuring Candace and Stacy, having fun at Jeremmy's pool party. Original artwork by me, awesome pool party colors by HMN

Hello everyone, I wanna thank you all for your good wishes and kind comments, I send you all a big bear hug!! πŸ€—

And here is the 7th and final pic of the Lolirock series, I hope you enjoyed it!!

Hello pals, COVID kept me away these last 2 weeks, and though I'm still suffering some consequences on my lungs and kidneys, I have overcome the disease, I have been feeling like shit and I'm tired of that, so, I've decided to retake the lolirock thing, I hope you like the new pic.

Now it is the turn of the princess of Xeris, Talia, to pose for Toon Beauties, I hope you like it

Hello everyone!!
This pic should had been posted last friday, but being the genius I am, I forgot, sorry about that, in any case here it is, I hope you like it.

Toon Beauties Magazine continues with the Lolirock girls, this time is Iris who will show us how cute she can be, I hope you like it.

Second pic of the lolirock series, featuring Auriana again, next monday's pic will feature Iris, I hope you like it.

Hello everyone, it's been a very long absence, mostly because of personal and work related stuff, but well, here I am again pals.

I'll start my return from inactivity with a series of pics related to Lolirock which will be posted twice a week (mondays and fridays) and will include a dressed and undressed versions, so, lets go, the first on features my personal fav, Auriana, I hope you like it.

Hello!!, I'm noticing that Baraag rezised all my pics and they look worse than they should, you can find the high res versions of all works at Jab Archives: jabarchives.com/poland


Here we have oir favorite twins and our favorit rich brat that have reunited on a nice playdate.

Original artwork and BW versions by me, outstanding colors and background by HMN

Did you think the beach day was all about playing and taking a photo? nope, they did a lot more.

Original artwork by me, beachilicious colors and background by HMN

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