it always makes me smile seeing these two together <3


Update 2 

Alright So according to the console on the side all of the command buttons work now, i just have to apply animations to them which means i gotta finish zens other portraits. also finished the battle back and command menu gpx. the hard part is gonna be designing monsters for them to fight in this little concept build. im currently thinking of a slime and sylph but that might change. i cant wait till its all finished <3


@son_of_the_paladin you say chubby, i say huggable haha! Thank you its very cute^^

Alrighty So lanis costume and Battle portraits sketches are done, so next up on the list are the boring parts. making button graphics and a battle background. should probably doodle out enemys to and once the battle portraits are cleaned and colored i just have to import everything into the battle engine. as for lani his weapons are the two magic star orbs and i might modify his outfit a bit since i was just going for cute with a slight button motif

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@CulturedLunatic my favorite planet is pluto and i have a teddybear. And as for kele its my shota sonas name. I know, Not as interesting as alot of peoples on here haha

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It's National Ass Day!πŸ‘ :asstr: :butt: :BUTTS: :hornt_boybutt: :dickbutt:
The following is an incomplete list of awesome users that can get their donut holes tongue punchedπŸ‘… (or could have a go at mine if they wanted). These accounts are so awesome that everybody should follow them if they aren't already!
@Silhouetters @N7_Kira @CulturedLunatic @CatONineTails @ThrowawayVR @plutobear @slimyylolitrash @pinkpilling @xierra099 @SnowPyg @ShoSho @ungatox3 @scumsocks @Acitea @ButterscotchLollipop

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@ShoSho just using NAD as an excuse to list awesome users lol

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So Zens base ref is done As well as his battle costume, and some sketches for his battle portraits. he has a bit of a power ranger asthetic. Since weapons arent really my strong suit I might redesign his bow at some point before i color and import the portraits into combat but next up is Lani's battle costume and whatever his weapon ends up being

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There haven't been enough volunteers for a birthday orgy pic, so I'll probably just try to organize a collaborative orgy pic for the next Linnea Day...
I'll focus on a few more of my friends' sonas for the rest of the month (not necessarily in this order):

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