@plimsoll mmmhhhh unicorns are magical after all. Hehehe i love how cutely overwhelmed by pleasure Willow looks and all luz can think is "....more!"

@plimsoll :luz_excite: Nice seeing you back Plim
What a delightful picture for a comeback :blobcheer:
How've you been, if I may ask?

@plimsoll you are back nice to have you again <3 great stuff as always

@plimsoll How is Luz resisting the urge to take that cock all for herself?


Oh my god, the prodigal son has returned!

And what a return it is

@plimsoll Expertly drawn. Unlike Willow, Luz seems really into it. XD

@plimsoll So glad to see you're back! Looks like Willow might finally regret being jealous of Luz getting first crack at all the dick.

@plimsoll Ttat feel so wrong in many level.....Still hot though.

@plimsoll Looks like Luz is no longer content to being the only pervert in the room, and is starting with the corruption of Willow.

@plimsoll Yooooo glad to see your art again c: You never fail to impress!

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