@plimsoll i was literally thinking "Hhhmm i wonder if Plim has uploaded something today" I open the app and see this. *Five minutes ago* 🥺💜

@plimsoll Aaand Amity is getting off to this for some reason 🤣

@plimsoll I wonder if Luz or Amity's gonna be the bigger freak ;P

@plimsoll ohhh damn thats a sexy all the way through cum blast. luz is in so much pleasure she can barely think and amity is just wishing she could kiss luz right now and drink the cum down X3


Otabin found that friends have many uses.
Sucking and fucking and all forms of abuses.
Before the night was done, Otabin would be sure to have lots more fun.

Seriously Plim, this one is awesome. Cum all the way through? Hell yeah! Big dick plus knot? Yes please! Legs behind head position? Makes me diamonds! Amity is just a perfect cherry on top of this delicious spectacle.


Amity getting off at it all is a PERFECT bonus. You’re a genius

@plimsoll I mean it's excessive cum, so I don't mind 👀

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