@plimsoll OH MY FUCKING GOD THIS IS SO GOOD, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! Do you have more social medias? i want to follow ALL !!!

@LuKIsSoHornySry no, but thank you. You are my first comment here what would you like to see?

@plimsoll Wow really?! thats crazy ! I think i would like something of Anne and Marcy (Amphibia)anyway i would like just see more of you stuff <3

@plimsoll looks amazing, great job 馃槏鉂わ笍 love amity's expression

Way to make a splash Plimsoll! I鈥檓 excited to see the work you鈥檒l do going forward.

@plimsoll You got some really nice lighting and i like the Style, gonna be fun to see more of you. Definetely a Follow for me

@plimsoll The coloring, pose and orgasmic facial expression are fantastic! Clearly Luz is really skilled with that tongue.

@plimsoll Hello you're an amazing artist welcome to the community!! You've immediately impressed me!

@plimsoll Pretty great pic, a strong start. I'm looking forward to your future work

@plimsoll This picture was an instant follow, can't wait to see what else you make. This was super dynamic and chock full of personality. You will absolutely be a welcome member to this community.

@plimsoll Amazing first post. Do you upload anywhere else as well?

@plimsoll Tear into that like it's your last meal with nothing left to lose!!

@plimsoll That is a pretty good start for your first picture XP, it麓s an interesting pose for those two ^^

@plimsoll Hee hee! Oh my goodness! I just the dam finally burst and neither of them could wait. Love it! <3

@plimsoll damn, is that hot! perspective, ambience light, coloration - this is top tier stuf, dude! :miko_what:

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