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Helpin' your newly out little bro with some of your personal stash

Always want to do the Inktober since forever. I will make it a (may be) long tweet here then.

Don't know if I can do it for whole month though.

Victor is too cute looking like that, plus that massive booty shot in the episode <3

Don't know if the new Pokemon artwork is fake or real and something in me think he probably is a she. I've never hoped to be wrong this much. Still a crush though.

I caught a cold on Friday so here's a cummy Deku I guess?

Another color job from the colorist. That's his name until he says I can use another one.

i always wanted to draw alluka but i never thought this is how the first time drawing her would be xD

commissioned by infernal_dalek

Haven't been feeling great these past few weeks, not able to draw as much as I want. Trying to figure out toning stuff more

In my headcanon Killua and Leorio are secret confidants telling each other the things they're into because they're too embarrassed to tell Gon or Pika.

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