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fanks for 300+ followers !!!

now u get reprimanded by a lil loli for being such an icky pedo >:-P

🔈 audio warning, do not play in public !!!!🔈

if u liked it, check out my gumroad for more:

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just throwing this out there, now that i know my voice is up to snuff :-3

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meet essie!! she's a perfect little pedocam model and a good girl for all her nasty supporters!!

send her a tip or an item from her wishlist and she'll show it off just for you!

(fun fact: she's based on what i looked like at her age ;-) )


Need a baby girl to fuck 😤❤️ We could all pass her around, make a lil cum dumpster out of her ~

Hot idea: a mom who raises her son from birth to please men. As a baby, she pulls him away from her breast to suck on cocks instead. As a toddler, she teaches him to hold cocks in his hands and let men fuck his chubby thighs. As he grows older, she teaches him to properly suck and worship cocks. All the while, any attraction to girls is punished with spanking. On his 13th birthday, she celebrates him becoming a teenager by spreading his ass to be fucked for the first time.

Remember artists, only draw and/or write for yourself. Searching for that number of favorites or likes is only going to make you miserable. I'm still trying to stop caring about it

sometimes panty shots are infinitely sexier than cunny shots

I love all kinds of tummies. They’re all adorable! ☺️

A lot of people bash on Fujoshi culture and assume that every person that’s into yaoi sexually harasses gay people in real life.

My love for gay cartoon porn is completely disconnected from reality, I just like seeing fictional dudes fuck.

rape, toddler 

Really old sketchy art thing, I know some of you like to see it anyways regardless, so here it is..

A great feast for any cock. Enough even for more then one.

cuntboy, shota 

(〃 ω 〃)゚∞。*♡*.•

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