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shota, cuntboy, underbaked cookie (lol) 

when his cookussy is underbaked :happycat:

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Thank you Cookie Run for giving us not one, but TWO, horny non-binary dragons.

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// Shota / handjob / nipple play

The text at the end is pretty short and that's why the screenshots look kinda wonky sorry for that jskjsk (2/2)

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// Shota / handjob / nipple play

Some time ago I said on twitter that I wanted to do a SkidxPump fic of them fucking and such, but I ended up making the story/context too unnecesarily long and I hated it lol.

However in order to not trow away the already done work I decided to change some things quickly and turn it into a simple nsfw ficlet¿ Yeah (1/2)


Incest mention 

Bro...I just found an artist who does my main incest pairing and I couldn't be fucking happier. I wish I saw more of the two but sadly it's never gonna happen...guess I'll have to take this art and make some of my own still.

Why is it so hard to find anything of these two brothers just making out man?? I just want 🎸 (hiding the name cause oop 🤭) to fucking kiss his brother dammit. JUST FUCKING KISS YOUR BROTHER FUUUCKKK

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My thirst is strong and I have a weak spot for knights and princes

I just wanted to draw Madeleine.

And why Chocoleine? Why not?
It's something different than Espresso x Madeleine 24/7. (´-﹏-`;)

(LOTS OF BLOOD, EYE SOCKET EXPOSED) least he got his IPhone :) 🍋📱

Blood, pp in half, BLOOD. 

Happy Holloween


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