do you cucks want animal crossing human villager commissions?

loli nsfw 

@Eds i haven't stopped, all my works just been stuff i can't really share 🙈

loli nsfw 

it's been a long time again

most of my work has been private. here are some furry creatures?

non human faces are haaaarddd to make cute...much learning to do

loli nsfw 

trust me i know what i'm doing i'm a professional

the kids love me i swear

i'm a hit at birthday parties

shota loli nsfw 

babysitting professional

keep them busy and tire them out before bed

all the coward artists not drawing poke kid to actual scale

do i have to do everything myself

@lamarfll very true! maybe she's in there too somewhere? i wish...

@Shana here's hoping the cute little poke girls are just spread through the internet and they get fucked a lot

@maximumpingas world building is fun even if nothing comes from it

as for the modding it's pretty good so far. there isn't amazing first party support for mod interoperability but there is a strong third party solution.

the biggest issue right now is the lack of documentation, but 95% of the ideas i've had have been something i could figure out. lua and xml, much of the game content was implemented through the modding api, so it's pretty capable.

@Ccrack have you disabled steam cloud sync for it? it's really busted and apparently saves a ton of data so it might be reading a the save state of the game and trying to upload it, etc

i'm a noita modder now

can't stop modding

what creative projects are you guys up to?

as for my preferences in shota loli, when thinking about lolis it's largely body worship; lots of physical attraction, grabbing, fondling, kissing, etc. very attracted to the body, less the sexual characteristics and way preferring precocious / mature lolis.

but for shotas it's pretty much just lusty pleasure seeking. guys just need to ejaculate sometimes and i think that comes through in my shota on shota stuff.

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