i beat noita after about 26 hours of gameplay

very stressful, very fun

@pettankon i still havnt finished it, got distracted by factorio autism

was walking around for about 2 hours though cause i didnt spot the elevator behind the butterfly boss haha

@Ccrack factorio is a game i've always wanted to play, but i've just never bothered to pick it up...i'm confident i'd like it, but not as confident as i was with noita

@pettankon factorio is like a time dialation machine, just wanted to jump on for a little bit and make some progress ...when the fuck did the month change?

@Ccrack that's another fear i have since it's a very sandboxey optimization game where you get as much out of it as you're willing to put time in, scary stuff when you've got other things to be doing

@pettankon are you the one who's been drawing porn of the noita main character?

@pettankon if you can't make porn of a wizard robe, you are not an artist.

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