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I'm gonna be a bit busy so polls are gonna be slow for a day or two. 🙏

Stay curious.

My progress over the last week on my rendering engine. First is my old renderer using a suboptimal render loop, second is after I rewrote it for sprite batching (and added layer support), and third is my WebGL implementation.

Same fps with 10x more sprites and support for tinting! 🙉

Choose 😏 :

Which characters shouldn't be lewded?

Asking for a friend. 😏

oh my god that movie was so good. i'm so invigorated to get this piece done now as a tribute to the best alien goddess in the multiverse.

MMMMMMMMMM inject that shoushitsu right into my fucking veins dude i could watch this movie over and fucking over again wghat the FUCK haruhi is so good i can't even bekieve peoplke got so butthurt over endless eight like do you not even understand fuck like come on deal with it it's eight fucking episodes and it makes the movie SO MUCH EBTTER fuck YKUUUUUUUU fuck YOUUUUU thuis nmovie is so fuckiiiiiiing good i can't even believe someone could write and create this masterpiece

i wish a kawaii alien would steal me away into a world for only us...........what a great life

Fucking KYON i can't BELVIE tthe choices you fucking MAKE in this god damnit UNVERSE

there are alreadyu perfect goddesses OKAY> think about what you're doing , thiank about what you're turning donw ahhhhhhhhh

yukkiiii noooooooooo

Oh my god re-watching Shoushitsu for Yuki references and fuck how Haruhi and especially that movie flipped my fucking world upside down.

God that movie is SO FUCKING good.

I personally hate most translated dialogue so I'd prefer to not read that trash.

Of course sometimes it's a really weird scenario and you just have to know what the hell is going on...

Do you prefer your doujinshi translated into your native language or do you prefer not to read the dialogue?

This got really close to a draw at one point and I was worried I'd have to draw more lolis.

What a mess that would have been. 😏

I would have thought there would be more cartoon votes here since a large portion of work posted here is in that realm, but it could be a case of I have a looser definition of what a cartoon is.

Jokes on you fuckers this poll was a sham. It's Yuki Nagato anyway!!!!

I'm judging all of you that decided to go with an unknown over my alien waifu. 🙈

Here's the real choice poll:

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