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still unnamed

girl likes being touched by her swim coach so makes excuses to be touched or massaged. swim coach stoically goes along with it.

over time has become very easily excited by his touch, so constantly looks flustered around him.

slightly changed the swimsuit as well.

i honestly thought people would prefer sonic, interesting poll result! i'll have to come up with some player designs and see what people think.

if they aren't good then sonic got enough support that i can just fall back to sonic.

that being said, the largest audience for this taking care of cream game would definitely be you guys.

so tell me...who should you play as?

thanks for all the wishes back guys but i don't just don't use mastodon much (and still won't.)

follow my art gallery (it has rss support) if you wanna keep up to date with my work.

loli shota nsfw 

young man goes to the casino for his birthday and wins big, getting an invite into the VIP room.

lucky fox--the owner of the establishment--is happy to greet him.

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