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loli nsfw 

i wonder how often an artist that doesn't draw porn has to consider the style of underwear a child character they create would wear

probably way more in japan due to the skirt and figure culture there

in was already thinking about alex for b and i think i've decided on amber for c, but i've not heard anything i really like for a...

jackie / joe / jamie is too masculine, but i think jodie might work for b as well

help me name these gremlins? i like western names but anything that sounds nice to moan out loud is fine too

and then once it's been on sale on steam for a year you release an r-18 patch externally

the ultimate ruse

wholesome loli dating sim where instead of ever getting romantic you just solve all of their problems and earn happy smiling face cgs

touched up one of sis' friends

because her hair was really dumb and she deserved better

what do i post next

also you can fuck her and it'd be only half beastiality

you know what's really cute

puppy girls

because if you take the unconditional love you get from a pet dog and put that into a kawaii loli

that's a good life

your little sister comes home and confesses she's in love with another little girl


i beat noita after about 26 hours of gameplay

very stressful, very fun

@pettankon I hope you don't mind I sorta semi stole your art and turned it into a fading spray on garry's mod to cock block people hoping for a closeup of nude hat kid

well one person responded so as expected, no real interest. nevermind that idea.

sorry single responder!

there's more interest at that price point than i expected there would be, but i assume not everyone is being entirely truthful when they hit yes...

if you are one of the people that is interested slide into my DMs with your two characters and i'll scope out the actual demand

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