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Taking that into consideration, here's another question:

What genre of game would you be interested in working on?

And thus the dilemma. I have ideas and not enough skill to cover all the requirements, and also have no team of people who share any of my visions to work on a project with, and no way to compensate those who could do the work otherwise.

The best compromise imo would be to gather a team who has a shared vision of a game they want to make so they all have a part of the project they care about enough to work on it as a hobby, but this community isn't exactly aligned. We're all just outcasts here.

My main issue is the asset creation.

I don't have the passion for art or sprite work to ever finish anything that needs an abundance of those things, nor do I have the musical prowess to create specific music tracks, or the writing chops to turn my ideas and concepts into actual stories.

I could always just use free asset packs, but I'm sure it would be a better product if I didn't do only that.

I also don't have a million dollars to pay salaries of creatives to do these things FOR me.

Some unlisted examples:

DDLC jumper website for use with OBS browser scene:

Animation editor based on TBoI's editor with support for interaction zones:

My recent projects have been a WebGL drop-in library and a triangle mesh collision detection stuff for a bullet hell type game.

I've got tools for visual novels, kinetic novels, bullet hell, clicker games, turret defenses, simple arcade games, etc.

Interestingly there are enough tooters interested in the necessary positions to get a complete game together.

Personally I'm big on development / automation / tool creation, etc. I have many libraries and engines and like to solve problems like optimization.

Basically my entire library of games / toys / tools go largely unused because I don't have anyone else to work with to get them fleshed out.

There are a bunch of examples here:

Out of curiosity, how many of you tooters are interested in working on a game project but aren't actively involved in one?

If you do, what part do you want to work on?

when it comes to low poly 3d models i think pigtails are the epitome of cuteness

here's the actual thumbnail for the character though. a bit more tasteful but less playful 🙈

I was gonna use this asset for the custom character i'm creating but people probably will be upset about it so i'll have to change it

Now what does this mean as an answer to my original question of "why do hentai games reward failure with porn?"

Well, player failure SHOULD be rewarded, so should player success. It's a game you're playing to get off to, it should get you off. It should just also be fun or engaging while you're playing it, otherwise you would have just settled for something more casual.

If losing becomes frustrating, let them skip or chose difficulty. If winning isn't rewarding, change that.

Okay. After some more discussion and sitting down and playing one I've come to a more generalized solution that obviously needs to be expanded upon for each genre / fetish, but...

A good action based porn game should be a mechanically sound game that just so happens to also be arousing whether you win or you lose.

No matter what you're having fun and getting turned on? That there's a good porn game.

Okay after a some more deliberation all the potential problems trend towards the solution of using the gameplay loop no matter what genre it's in as a soft way to guide the player towards the cut scenes they want to see and then to allow a way out if things get too difficult, tedious, or off track.

Option to skip animations, checkpoints or a recovery system to ensure progress can be made, unlocking permanent access to cut scenes, and if possible rewards for both player failure and success.

Would you play an excessively difficult victim based platformer?

Would it increase the experience knowing that it was your failure that put then in that situation?

If it was too easy, would it feel like you were never rewarded properly (no porn) for your deeds?

For what it's worth I'm continuing this discussion with others outside baraag and fundamentally there was another aspect I didn't consider about the context of having control over the character's fate in a victim based porn platformer.

I need serious input from people who like those games about what they're even playing them for.

I can't come up with design solutions to a problem I don't understand.

My point is that if you rewarded winning then you could give the player the option to fuck the creature you beat or just ignore them (watch once and then don't have to watch again), you could capture enemies for future fucking (in game mechanic for library collection), and you could reward particularly difficult fights (minibosses, bosses) with more involved cutscenes without interrupted gameplay.

That just makes a fuckdick of a lot more sense to me. Am I wrong?

To further specify, I mean porn games with active gameplay elements like platformers, top downs, hack n slash, etc. If it's a VN or RPG where the pacing is entirely your own then that's fine, add porn.

Interrupting action based gameplay to play a porn clip because you got hit by an enemy goes against the genre itself, ruining the gameplay experience.

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