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nsfw loli incest 

nsfw loli incest 

i've gone to the store like 8 times since i last thought "i need to buy more salt"

i have not bought more salt

i've been on edge all day for no good reason and i can't chill

i'm gonna make some mac n cheese 🧐

i wonder if it's any easier for japanese users to read and understand english than it is for english users to read and understand japanese

my little brain makes the assumption that because there are only so many symbols to learn that it's easier, but i also know english is incredibly dumb so...

it's been too long since i've drawn a cute little girl being fucked by her big brother...

i must find the time...

so after more chatting i realized i was disregarding the most obvious part about summoner classes: summons are temporary.

for some reason in my head i was thinking when a summon dies it's dead forever, but i wasn't thinking about how useful it might actually be to have a summoner who can just create endless substitution dolls to soak damage or pull aggro. even if they die just chug an MP potion and spawn another one.

i don't know how that slipped past me.

how do you feel about summoner classes in rpgs? i don't personally have much interest in them, but if you do, what's your favourite aspect of summoners?

smm2 has reignited my crush on toadette

wish people drew her cute instead of like an ugly toad.........

your or your oc or your favourite character is isekai'd into a fantasy world and joins an adventurers guild

how do they build their character?

With 1,150 muted users I'm probably missing so much context on baraag. things move real slow and i'm probably saving myself a lot of grief, but the fact that you can't see context when you click through to a post is really quite disappointing.

i just wanted to clean up the local timeline...

more game dev aw yiss this is happening

there's a lot i'll have to learn about this kind of puppet animation, but the fact that i have written something that allows me to put it in my games is a great first step

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