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do you cucks want animal crossing human villager commissions?

loli nsfw 

it's been a long time again

most of my work has been private. here are some furry creatures?

non human faces are haaaarddd to make cute...much learning to do

loli nsfw 

trust me i know what i'm doing i'm a professional

the kids love me i swear

i'm a hit at birthday parties

shota loli nsfw 

babysitting professional

keep them busy and tire them out before bed

all the coward artists not drawing poke kid to actual scale

do i have to do everything myself

i'm a noita modder now

can't stop modding

what creative projects are you guys up to?

as for my preferences in shota loli, when thinking about lolis it's largely body worship; lots of physical attraction, grabbing, fondling, kissing, etc. very attracted to the body, less the sexual characteristics and way preferring precocious / mature lolis.

but for shotas it's pretty much just lusty pleasure seeking. guys just need to ejaculate sometimes and i think that comes through in my shota on shota stuff.

imagine having a disappointing day, it's cold and dry outside and you get home and your shota/loli lover gives you a warm hug, a lap pillow, and plays with your hair while complimenting you like in all those asmr videos


reply to this message with a description of one (1) of your favourite physical attributes or characteristics

mine is freckles

friend made me realize i don't draw mutual sexual tension very often

describe some sexually tense situations where both parties end up really wantin to smash but they shouldn't / can't

i sure am in a blah mood

what's up baraag

how u doin

ever since i started translating japanese users messages i've learned the people i follow are rather depressed and generally unsatisfied with life

comes with the territory i guess

i like designing loli x older boy pairings to fantasize about

no loli left behind, every kawaii shota deserves a playmate

this is her neighbour who she hangs out with. they have movie nights on weekends. he tries to be a good boy but puberty is a hell of a drug and when she gets a little too comfy on his lap things take a turn for the erect

there was a weird error on the archive that caused it to come up empty on first load. i've fixed that as well as refactored a good deal of the front and back end logic. should be snappier, use less bandwidth, and some tiny long-standing bugs were fixed.

as usual, you can find it here

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