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I created a pixiv fanbox! For now, there is only one cheap plan to choose, because I want to see if it works at all, and I can't really ask for more yet.

If you'd like to support me and my art with ze munnys, for about $1,80 a month, you can do that. If it works out well, I might try out other platforms too.

Check the plan and its benefits to see if it tickles your fancy. Every support is appreciated!

Thank you!

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My Nami is not alone anymore! The mysterious King of Snipers joined her on the shelf.

I wonder who's hiding under that mask.

Does Baraag have a mascot? If not, can we create one and name it Baraag Obama? Please?

@blublush hey, just wanted to let you know, since your old twitter account got suspended, the info tweet regarding commission info in your bio on here is not reachable. I wanted to check your prices, but ofc the link doesn't work anymore. You should put a new one :)

My Nami has arrived! Will post a better looking pic soon. Sorry, lewd friends. This one's totally safe. And that is exactly how I want them to be - like in the anime.

How long do you tend to admire your own artworks before ultimately moving on? I would ask in a poll but i don't know how to start one in this app. So feel free to just comment. I'll go first:

Given how seldom I draw, I honestly keep surprising myself how capable I seem to be. I keep thinking that I can't draw at all, so most of the time I actually feel proud of my drawing. I like looking at them for at least 3 to 4 days before I can move on.

Shit. Of course NOW I notice the errors. Got tired when I got to the last one (bottom right) and it shows. Forgot the scalp and the shade on the nose. Argh.

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Sloooowly getting back on track. Those scribbles took me almost 3 hours :D Lots and lots of correcting.

Guys! I did it! I made a sketch! I was so focused on doing decent digital art, I totally forgot how it feels to just sketch without any worries. Here it is.

It's 2020. Time to doodle again. Practice sketch. Woops. Added color. Can't help it. Rynale just likes to chill and read gibberish. That's just how she is.

Why is it that that I see so few Lolis getting throat fucked on here? Is this not a common thing? The Throating, i mean? Would love to see some gals (and boys) getting dicked down up to the balls. Someone feeling up for the challenge? :D

Is someone willing to draw Suika of Dr. Stone? The world needs more of her!

Not a request or a commission. Just a wish of mine. If you're interested, go for it!

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A quick and simple guide to differentiating between lolis and petite women, since sometimes t can be hard to tell the difference. Included and NSFW and SFW version for those who might want to share it.

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@mcquinn needs some sort of supporting platform. I need to throw money at them.

I also just bought a Ko-Fi for @Strawberry ! They're such a good sport and decided to help me out with my stupid questions. Thank you for that. Also theirart is amazing! You should go check it out!

If you want some Coffee too, you should consider making a ko-fi! Ko-Fi is a great way to support artists with minimal effort and no running subscriptions or fees :3

I just started supporting @bubukka on FANBOX. You're awesome dude! Keep up the good work.

ぶぶっか, がんばってね!

If you want to be supported too, consider opening a pixiv FANBOX. I love supporting artists! In my opinion, every support counts!

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I wonder why @mcquinn wanted to see our OCs. If they wanna draw them, i'm gonna scream

This post is hitting almost 700 views and 20 likes on pixiv, and also got several faves and boosts here on baraag. This makes this piece my most liked piece of art i ever shared. It also was the first time i ever attempted loli and nsfw art, so naturally it makes me kinda proud to receive such positive feedback.

Can you guys please tell me what you like the most about it? Is it the overall appearance? The pose? The face? The questionable third version? Thanks!

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