A big wholesome pic of Hilda, Frida and David playing in a stream, for Isuckatart :blobuwu:

@pears FINALLY!. A "nude only" Hilda fanart!. 😆

Well... we all know something awkward is going on to a boy like David when he gets invited by the girls to skinny dipping. 😂

@pears I like the detail that Frida took time to fold her clothes.

@pears Cute! Would have been better if David was soft though.

@pears Maybe David is afraid his "extended keel" will scrape bottom, but we know what'll happen: “Shrinkage!”

Regardless of his concern, it looks like the girls are overjoyed to enjoy this beautiful day completely unrestricted… maybe uninhibited too? 😁 The kids look amazing, so smooth & sexy in their definition, and their happy faces & lively poses make their lovely world even more cheerful.

Thanks for letting us enjoy that kind of freedom too.

@pears Beautifully done pic of Hilda and the gang. Keep up the great work! 👍

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