Prepare to get an on hands lesson for how a magical tongue is used Luz.

@pears After what Luz did in the last episode she deserves a good spanking: Eda needs to yank down those capris & panties and spank those fine cheeks until Luz begs her to be nice. I love Luz's fearful smile as Eda takes hold of her frail body and licks her chops. It turns out that she's the most-dangerous predator in this form. The Owl Witch's wide spread is pretty hot too, and it must be so tempting to have the girl's knee so close. Thanks for this great bit of training.

@pears I normally don't cotton to /ll/, but there's something about these two that appeals to me. Like, Eda drips with this "saucy wine aunt" energy that pairs well with that innocent little weirdo.

@pears whete were you hiding this booty luz? That's real magic

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