Psuedo re-up since I had to remove the link/ any mention of a site that can't be named 馃槗

Hype for Season 2 coming soon tho

Our next royal submission was made by the amazing pears馃崘, we can see a beautiful princess isabel having some quality time with his sister Elena. :sweats:

Seriously go follow Pears he is very good and nutritive. 鉂わ笍 馃崘



Our next submission was made by the Fantastic Imaa, it's a cute Luz from the new disney anime the Owlhouse enjoying a Cock in the beach a very good piece made by a very talented boi :blobheart: , if you enjoyed this piece go check his pixiv out :blobheart:



Nevermind ill post this now, i thought it be good to post something since comms have been taking up my time. Also got oral surgery so just getting over that

Rememeber that Pinky Malinky x Babs Byuteman commission I got from @pears

Good news then. I just commissioned a sequel to that pic! (from the same artist too)

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