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Commissions available!
5 slots for kinktobers
3 slots for sketchpages!

DM me here
discord - peachkuns#2203

tryign to get some sketches done today so tomorrow i can just line and do greysc...

im done setting up stuff, fixed pc(had a virus so it was super slow), also somewhat fixed my sleep schedule now, tomorrow ill start working on the leftover kinktobers by order of payment

thank you for being patient with me

haven't used my phone or pc in a few days
just life and animal crossing
imma get back to work soon tho

3 more days and ill be free form quarantine

animatics is a shit reboot
people need to stop praising mediocrity

on todays list, organized shit so that when i have the time, i sit down to work its easier

also in December i'll hopefully fully step up and I may do one or two Christmas themed streams

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ho ho ho
piczel is having the mascot contest, hope i manage to have time to enter

I haven't watched the original and this makes me not want to even try, just not a show for me i guess

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Animaniacs are mind-blowingly boring
the animation is nice, but god it's so boring
I've watched 3 episodes so far and I have no trust its gonna get better if the first one's are so fucking boring

i always get a cold when i travel
im in quarantine rn only a few more days left

you get doodles for now

i am angry
why the fuck do i have to sweep to go to the next fleet, cant tap and its not automatic to the next one once the first one is done
bitch im lazy

peachkuns boosted

if i get fleets i will be spamming them with food related things
you cant stop me

i like the idea of the dislike feature, it will be easier to see whats shit and not worth my time

man quarantine in boring
at least i have wifi this time
last quarantine i had to do was waaaaay worse in so many ways

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