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A new bunny character that I hope draw more in the future.

Idk how to call him but he enjoys being a horny boy.

Also this is one of the things that I've doing for my Inkbunny account


@pettankon I hope you don't mind I sorta semi stole your art and turned it into a fading spray on garry's mod to cock block people hoping for a closeup of nude hat kid

Thing that I did for my Inkbunny Account

I'm not gonna leave this, bu I kinda miss drawing this things.

is a very cool market place for shota product from many cool shota artists. Thanks to Dillman letting me join the party. Here meet Kuro, Oranji and Kiniro of the bunny cafe. They need your patronage.

Anyway OioiBunny is SFW only but here is not so...

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