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So, I'm since I'm working into be more professional, In order to keep that I gonna have to keep this as a hobby.

Basically I'm gonna be here but less, also I'm gonna try to keep this separate from my SFW and professional, stuff, that implies different art styles for both things and less activity.

So, I'm gonna do this as a hobby when I got the will.

But don't worry, I'm working on a lewd set that I'll be here soon.

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Now I'm almost 20 and I can't stop watching shota boys.

Is my main kink right now and I'm really glad to discover it, it helped to find my actual sexuality and understandf myself πŸ’–

Since I no have content I wanna talk

How did you get into shota/loli

In my case was hella werid, I was 12 yo, it started with my discovering of rule34, I was searching full of Digimon, eventually I got some Palcomix comic's, and some nice images from a Digimon Frontier doujin. For a while, when I was 13 yo I was more focused on gay porn, until I found at my 14s a doujin of school boys.

I found that it posted a blog Avatar-Kun, where I found doujins and I understood all that stuff...

So, I've just got two private messages in japanese from deleted accounts on pixiv.

The transator on once says something about private photos.

What ever it was I guess the're was a very good reason from them deleted accounts.

Thank god I no use Pixiv anymore.

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