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Sketch: $5 USD
LineArt: $10 USD
Only Colors: $12 USD
Color + Background: 15 USD

✅ What I draw:
- human, kemono/furry, demon
-preferably gay but straight it's ok
-love or casual sex (oral, anal, etc)
-cum, sweat, tears
-sex toys
-legs, pec's fetishes
-genitalia close up's

❌ What I won't draw:
-diaper, baby outfits
-armpit, foot and fetishes that involves other asexual human parts
Commissions and Questions on DM
# ショタ

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Fun for first time!

One more added to the list of samples for future commissions.

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Small Boy Ass!! :bender_neat: 💖
Ass are the best part of the whole human body, I love them and that littles holes!

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Finally I can post something that is actually complete lol.

Idk how to call him but I really enjoyed to draw him ❤️

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Sup, I've been kinda inactive but now I have a new Hard Disk finally I cand do Digital Works.

Anyways I'm gonna re-open comissions, but in other way, I have somethings to fix.

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reward for one of my patrons

Guys are you agree with this being more and more personal?

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Background boy from Fairly odd parents 😂

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fav ship dynamic is probably “adult man and young boy hang out all the time and there’s nothing you or anyone else can do about it”

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I just get my drawing hand burned by water over 100°C

What a lucky

A doodle for my shotasona? well my sona is basically a fursona but now its more kemoshota so idk

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ペド?小夜ちゃ おむつを替えた歌仙くんは性に目覚めます

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So, apparently Krita can run perfectly Wacom tablet pressure on Ubuntu Studio. Perhaps now I have my system.

Now just re-download it and buy a hard disk for my laptop to install it.

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