I think it's a babyfur kind of night. It's been a stressful day.

So... I'm pretty much shotafying everyone now it seems. In canon, Hawks is an adult, but I wanted to draw a shota version of him. Since he's loving on Enji's cock I figured I'd include Enji's boy, Shouto uwu

So I thought I was tired of doing clean lineart all the time and then I discovered vector layers in csp :blobreachdrool:

So lately i've entertained the thought of age swapped dekumight (my fav bnha ship) and i have come to adore Toshi/Allmight as the shota. :3

Hi how are my fellow shota/lolicons doing? :3

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Sorey for the inactivity guys. I've mainly been posting on Twitter and hardly any of it has been art.

I've started up a 2nd job so that's more of my limited free time being taken up

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Kinda tempted to ease back into furry stuff by drawin cubs

So I pretty much ended my patreon page. It wasn't going anywhere and if I wanna do anything patreon-like again then I'd rather draw stuff that I wanna draw

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Sorry for re-posting. I saw a typo I wanted to fix

My new icon to be. I actually made this specifically for my pinned tweet on Twitter and so i had no intent on being explicit. (I was also lazy)

But yeh here's Marin under a different style I'm experimenting with.

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