I know I'm not all that active here and most of my followers probably forgot I existed but I made a new acct since we can't change our @. I'm trying to move away from the mochi monicker.

If interested then my new @ is @boypeachz

See y'all there

I kinda... Wanna make a new acct since it doesn't seem like there's a way to change our @ on here

If I ever do start up a subscribe-type thing for my art again it will probably be subscribestar and only after I feel there's an actual demand for it.

I forgot @CockyCrona was on here too! Go commission him for some good shota writing

I was chatting with an artist moot about lewding Dragonball/dbz characters and God I'm so down. I wish I had more free time on my hands

Haven't been drawing much shota stuff due to zine work and getting preoccupied with smol futa commissions at the time. I still don't know what the future holds for me and shota art because I've even made a sfw acct on twitt and it's.... Actually been pretty fun to just draw safe stuff

(Yes I have comms going now. I wanna hold off on taking on more until I clear some slots tho)

I prefer shotas getting dicked down by their big daddies, but there's something special about a woman forcing her pussy on a shota's pp

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And now that Sun/Moon is over.
Did you know that these pics started with the "Game versions" of the characters? November 2016, we didn't know the anime designs at that time.
I wanted to make a game-log because those dialogs similar to those "Pixelated-pics" I made of Pokemon Yellow ... But, I got no time.

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If I ever were to start a webcomic. It would probably be this, but I hardly have time for ambitious projects because of work and burnout from work.

Idk maybe someday I'll try again with patreon or maybe even pixiv fanbox

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I have no art for it or anything, but I have this idea on the backburner. A lonely guy who is growing past his prime and yearns to relive his childhood. Somehow some way (haven't decided specifics) he meets some shady organization that manages to transfer his consciousness into an automaton made to look like a beautiful little boy. He would become one of many ready and willing perfect little boys to please the skeevy old men who have the money.

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I no longer have a fetlife acct because it's a lost cause tbh. I was hoping I could maybe find a good daddy that lived near me, but.... most likely not

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I had a fetlife acct for a while, but I think I was too honest on there. Pretty sure that the only 2 people to talk to me STOPPED talking to me because of my total honesty. Hell, I even wanted to join a "dark ageplayers" discord server and they said they'd "vote to decide" if I should come in :blobshrug:

If you do wind up following me then let me know your handle!

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I actually opted to make a side acct on Twitter since I have slightly steralized my main twitt. Basically if you like my stuff on here, and happen to have a twitt, then my new side acct is twitter.com/bigboipp :3

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