I say "actually preoccupied" because tbh I didn't think another shot at patreon was going to lead to anything xD

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First I was preoccupied with commissions and now I'm ACTUALLY preoccupied with patreon. How y'alls doin :blobderp:

I was chatting with an artist moot about lewding Dragonball/dbz characters and God I'm so down. I wish I had more free time on my hands

Haven't been drawing much shota stuff due to zine work and getting preoccupied with smol futa commissions at the time. I still don't know what the future holds for me and shota art because I've even made a sfw acct on twitt and it's.... Actually been pretty fun to just draw safe stuff

What's happenin y'all! Here are some futas I've made over a period of time. The first one was just me having fun, but the other two were commissioned.

Been meaning to share this quickie I made the other day. Have a momma Melony

(Yes I have comms going now. I wanna hold off on taking on more until I clear some slots tho)

Commission for @marcavis2 on Twitt. Two futa OCs ready to give you one hell of a workout :3


The captain marvel art was inspired by that one redesign that got a shit ton of hate on twitt

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So I've been busy with other art obligations, but over on my public twitt I've decided to mainly be a futa artist.

On here and on my priv acct tho I wanna give these hung womens some shotas and lolis to fuck.

So... I spent like 90% of my day off playing games, but I dared to try animation practice. It's only 4 of 24 frames, far from done, but it's funny. They like "...don't know if enjoy..."

I prefer shotas getting dicked down by their big daddies, but there's something special about a woman forcing her pussy on a shota's pp

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And now that Sun/Moon is over.
Did you know that these pics started with the "Game versions" of the characters? November 2016, we didn't know the anime designs at that time.
I wanted to make a game-log because those dialogs similar to those "Pixelated-pics" I made of Pokemon Yellow ... But, I got no time.


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