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Sweet Apple Secrets 6! The girls have Big Mac take them to a concert, and of course these two can't help themselves.

It's been 2 years!

Full res:

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Here it is! The prompt list for Lolitober 2022!
Let's all have fun once again this year creating some cute (and possibly even funny) art! ^o^
Please feel free to download and share the list around!
And remember to not push yourself too hard. I'll see you there~🧁✨🎃💗

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one of my contributions to the "foaling around" artpack.

I always liked the idea that these two switching rolls in private

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A little filly's first heat!! And what better way than to start it off with a wet inviting wink~ ^^

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@parfait made a nice promo image for the pack. Almost feels like we are professionals now.

a few artists and I got together to compile an art pack, check it out!

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