today is a holiday there, got some time to draw, but it's not porn.
The game apparently managed a steam release in the west for some reason.

uncensored version of today's pic.
It kinda started with a vague crossover porn idea but I just can't take so much time for my drawings anymore so I kept it at the minimum.
I'm just glad I could do it this week and not post pone it forever like most of the stuff I want to do these days.

meh picture I guess, but I really wanted to draw this week. Raspberyl ended up harder to draw than the original cast. too many accessories, and that skirt too. Maybe I should draw her naked instead...

Once again it's not really porn, ans this nudity is more about expressing freedom than erotica.
I wish the result was more red and less "pink", but I have the hardest time picking that color on a computer screen.

random page of nothing to learn CSP comic tools, featuring zone tan and Cecilia Littlewing because why not.

took some time to finish something I started weeks ago. meme is dead on arrival of course, but it gave me the occasion to draw ava in "human" form, so it was worth it.
free space is an older drawing too, not sure if I ever posted it there.

testing csp coloring tools once again. they work really well for Ava's demon, but are a bit tricky for disgaea style for some reason. My just be me needing more practice though.

random subject for a coloring test on csp, mostly. I kinda miss photoshop "simpler" color tool for the details, but it's globally very good imo.

Ronnie anne and sid from the Casagrandes.
Next pics should be back to my normal style. It was a fun exercise no matter the results.

second part of the work on the loud house. It ended up less creepy I guess? a good occasion to practice body types I guess.

tried some "realistic" style stuff. It's supposed to be a bit creepy, especially Lola.I will complete with the older sisters later.

random doodles of the day. focusing mostly on changing the style.

continuing the work on euro style with an iconic subject.

gonna practice european style for a while. starting with Mélusine.

did some study on sonic's style, it was not that porny but it was fun

started with "Toga and red things" hoping for sexiness, but then it ended with a simpson joke about ketchup.. o well

tried some bondage with paz (from gunnerkrigg court), her hair is trickier to draw that I imagined she barely looks like the original :/

tried a few things on this, not completely sold on the result but it was educational.

drew more poses today. my rendition of any malu needs work but at this resolution it was hard to add details. Also that pencil tool on csp is great for lines but messy when trying to color.

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