random doodles of the day. focusing mostly on changing the style.

continuing the work on euro style with an iconic subject.

@JooJ glad you enjoy the art, but I have a long buffer already so I won't take suggestions. Also I don't do gay stuff.

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gonna practice european style for a while. starting with Mรฉlusine.

did some study on sonic's style, it was not that porny but it was fun

started with "Toga and red things" hoping for sexiness, but then it ended with a simpson joke about ketchup.. o well

tried some bondage with paz (from gunnerkrigg court), her hair is trickier to draw that I imagined she barely looks like the original :/

tried a few things on this, not completely sold on the result but it was educational.

drew more poses today. my rendition of any malu needs work but at this resolution it was hard to add details. Also that pencil tool on csp is great for lines but messy when trying to color.

made some sketches again today. It was more about the poses, so the body don't match. Today's lucky model was gloria sato from big city green.

late night dumb idea : what if you put a one piece swimsuit backward...

uncensored version of another pixiv art. getting back to good old porn I guess.

uncensored version of a doodle posted on pixiv. I've been doodle a lot recently.

Something that started by editing a page for fun. then another one, then I drew a conclusion. Not sure where else to post edits so here it is.

uncensored version of pixiv art. I love when Ava become hot and shiny and translucent but I'm not good at drawing it yet.

uncensored version of pixiv picture. Will draw a bit more to run that bad joke to the ground. 's_demon

uncensored version of pixiv art.
Source is a shitty CGI movie called "daddy I'm a zombie" that I got to see recently for some reasons. Mostly and excuse to "paint" something.

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