Some kind of goblin aristocrat that has to act proper but really just wants to bite people and take their stuff

@orenjipiiru Yeah, then I can make her pay child support when I'm pregnant

You get pregnant if you kiss

@Dorothy @orenjipiiru kissing especially gets you pregnant when the urethra kisses the cervix!

@Dorothy yes, it's simple biology, when your saliva goes into another person's mouth it goes down into their stomach and makes a baby, then they crawl out through your mouth.

I used to actually think babies came out from the mouth as a kid. I was innocent...

@orenjipiiru She's adorable and I'd love to see more of her. Maybe some nudes/lewds? Also, she needs a name. XD

@Drow thanks, I might do some lewds at some point. I'm bad at names so I haven't thought of one yet.

@orenjipiiru Very cute design and scenario idea! I'd love to see more of her.

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