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HEY Y'ALL i need a tiny bit of help so imma open commissions like this
($45 for one character)
(+$10 for an extra character)
(simple bg included if you want it)
I'd prefer you dm me on twitter if interested, but here is fine too. I'll delete this post when the slots are filled

(also if i haven't already drawn a specific kink/fetish already, chances are i won't be willing to draw them for this. but don't be afraid to ask if you're still unsure!)

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(also slight gore?? not really imo)

it's that time of year soon
he likes the carving knife

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Boost this post if you like particular characters from shows/games/etc that you dislike or find mediocre at best.

I'm replacing that old horse guy with this one bc i feel like it

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his name is Beau
he's a punk goth strawberry cow (slut)
and his cvm is sweet

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redesigned an old character
he's still nameless :bit_uooh:

((but now he's a hardcore kemoshotacon

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a little pic i had ahadn urge to draw, makes me want to draw more pokemon :3

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