Bubbles needs a breather after an intense session. Was she swimming, or something else? Why not both? ;D

Ask me about commissions: www.pixiv.net/en/users/8992429

Yooo this new cartoon network show is gonna be nuts! I can't wait until it comes out!

"More Bucks for Morbucks"

The only people in Princess Morbucks' way are the Powerpuff Girls, but with the power of money, Princess is here to show that she can still get whatever she wants.

"Big Trouble"

The moblins like to have fun with the girls that are captive in the Forsaken Fortress. Since Aryll didn't turn out to be Princess Zelda, Gannondorf gave those horny pigs the green light to do as they please.

"Toad Slogan"

Many of the Toads take the Toad House slogan to heart. After doing things their way, you'll be as limber as Yoshi's tongue.

"Lucy Tease"

Schroeder won't be able to keep his eyes on his piano with distractions like this. Being a musician is tough!

"Dynamic Duo"

After setting aside their differences and some make up sex, the Duck Hunt team was born. They still argue occasionally though--mostly about what positions to take.

"Small Stack"

World of Final Fantasy is all about stacking. There are some additional bonuses for your Mirages when they stack the right way. Pirate Moogle introduced this new method to Tama and she's sold.

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