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Here's my commission info for 2019, feel free to message me if you're interested or have any questions.

The seventh patron reward of April, Brian, the older brother from the Overwatch trailer.

(Do you enjoy rubbing sandpaper against your genitals?
Then you'll really get a kick out of trying to draw Rex's diving suit. πŸ’’πŸ˜„ )

The sixth patron reward of April, Rex from Xenoblade 2.
(Wonder what his message says?)

The fifth patron reward of April, Hau from Pokemon: Malasada Madness (a.k.a. Sun/Moon.)

Me: [watches episode 1 of Sarazanmai]
Me: [says the same thing as the text in this picture]

Team Dicks faced some stiff competition, but it looks like they came out as the weiners! πŸ†
Sorry you had to fall behind, Team Butts, I know losing can be a pain in the ass, but I hope you'll be able to turn the other cheek. πŸ‘

The fourth patron reward of April, Kai from The Legend of Korra.

Everyone's doing polls now, I might as well get in on it.
Pick your favorite!

A little birthday gift for the friend who's hung out with me basically my whole shota career! Enjoy the boy butt @nuggetsresort

The second patron reward of April, another Saru from Dororo.

The first patron reward of April, Julius, the patron's OC.

If I have but one failing, it is that I am a meticulous perfectionist.

Nuggets Industries is now shifting from art production to game software production.
Download and play Cannon Kid, the first new game in the Nuggets Industries lineup.

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