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General CW:
- age gap
- incest
- power imbalances
- m/f pairings
- teratophilia/pokephilia
- sometimes dub/noncon but rare

i have 80 billion pkmn ships.
i'm hesitant to allow access to blank accounts. sorry for the trouble!

swsh spoilers, sfw age gap 

swsh spoilers... sorry, everything is warned as that lately haha 

swsh spoilers 

Weeelllll, I just got some bad news today. To make a long story short I got laid off early last month and I need money for food, bills and medicine while I look for a new job..

So if any help would be appreciated, I do commissions info on the pic or you can contract me at [email protected] for questions or more information

I also have a ko-fi is you want to just be generous that would also be dope

today at work i've been trying to figure out cute (or maybe not so cute) ways that a trainer realizes they've caught feelings for one of their pkmn

gloria's team so far... inteleon, corviknight, sirfetch'd... but who else? not necessarily for shippy stuff.
there's a lot of good pkmn this gen

does anyone have any cute pkmn/trainer prompts/ideas? i'm a bit art blocked but i wanna draw something cute soon... sfw or nsfw is fine.
i wanna draw gloria with her pkmn after work :3c

sword shield spoilers 

sword shield spoilers 

swsh spoilers 

a bouncin baby !!
(also how he's smoking that idk he has no god dang lips)

moon and her decidueye with their baby rowlet...
(decidueye needs a nice nickname too)

cw: brother-sister incest, nsfw, pregnancy risk 

i think i really like working with limited color palettes more. things get garish really quick if i don't.

drawing porn and listening to nsync's debut album

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