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General CW:
- age gap
- incest
- power imbalances
- m/f pairings
- teratophilia/pokephilia
- sometimes dub/noncon but rare

i have 80 billion pkmn ships.
i'm hesitant to allow access to blank accounts. sorry for the trouble!

implied trans shota preggo 

ready 2 smooch the cc anon that dropped this idea into my inbox

sorry iv'e been away. things got a little rough irl. i'm gonna try to draw some cute stuff (including a fun comm :3c) this weekend

she stole gordie's jacket

i had this on the backburner for the past week

also on another note, i'm surprised and really happy to see so much inteleon/gloria on twitter!

i've never had this much content for one of my ships before except for maxie/may

shitposted about raihan being an exhibitionist and his rotomphone being a voyeur on twitter yesterday and now i legit ship them ๐Ÿ˜”

sirfetch'd is very protective over gloria and she thinks he acts like a dad and called him such one day and he got flustered.

she's lucked out getting some sweet boys on her team

Commission post!!!

I'm taking about 7 pokemon sketch comms rn.

27USD 1 character, 32USD 2 characters. SFW or NSFW is fine. Pretty much any character is okay (human and/or pkmn).

No unsanitary kinks or dub/noncon please.

Please DM me if you're interested! More examples in my media tab.

TAT might be a bit longer than I'd like since I'm working on a couple painted comms rn + day job, but I'm hoping to get these out fairly quickly.

Scorbunny!! It's become one of my favourite starters ever <3

inteleon caught feelings for gloria when he was a sobble which only got worse as he evolved, but he didn't feel like he could at least attempt to flirt until he was fully-formed and much more confident. but his attempts don't go so well because she's one dense mother fucker.

however she always continues to dote on him and give him kisses and hugs because he's still her baby.

pokemon/trainer (gengar/shauntal), commission 

i commissioned him for a cute bill/leaf drabble the other day and it was awesome!!

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pokemon/trainer (gengar/shauntal), commission 

sketch commission for nidoran duran on twitter!!

inteleon's hands are so big, slick, and precise that he'd make short work of gloria within a few minutes

but he shouldn't get too enthusiastic if he's using his shooting hand

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