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Sexy trans girl big sister 🀝 cute cuntboy little brother

usually I don't make a big deal out of it because I forget to say it, or also because people gets weird and fetishize boys with pussies...

but now that I think about it maybe I like it that way idk I'm kinky

fetishize me now, it makes me feel sexy and lovely :blobblush:

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hornyposting, fantasy, shota 

What if I were a little cuntboy and and...hehe..and we were....hand holding?? can breed my lil' shota cunny, but holding my hand? thats...uhh...hehe...I dunno about that

jk...or am I

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my new year resolution is being unapologetically lewd lets goo

shotacon, hornyposting 

If you haven't forced a little tasty shota to sit on your face are you even alive? Lay down, I'll be that shota, sorry I dont make the rules

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fantasy, hornyposting 

Being insulted and called a slut is a big kink of me tbh...

I want to make an alt account to store my hornyposting stories and thoughts, something like that...should I just make this an art account or is it ok if I just go nuts and be horny? maybe I'm just thinking too much :blobwaitaminute:

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cw abuse/bruised version 

a version that displays a little more of the little brothers' roughhousing~

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When you use father son pose references as couple references

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I was up way too late doing this. It's 4 o'clock where I am 😭

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