Which is your favorite Clash Royale character? :luffy: :yesdaddy:
don't worry this time I won't desecrate it too much

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I too am part of the movement. Thanks, @satori, for running a pretty cool website 馃憤

from now on I will start making more 3D characters

is it possible to have a toot with perfect balance between likes and re toots? :mastodon_oops: :mastodon:

is iphone 12 worth buying?馃崕

which of these strong women do you like? :hello_kitty: :isabelle_sweat: :yumcum:

callie light experiment

model made by:

did you like the new he man series?鈿旓笍 :blobtea:

What is your favorite MALE character from King of Fighters? :minnie: :blobpout:

What languages do you speak? 馃尞 馃崝 馃 :shrug_ppeg:

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