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furry/human, bestiality? 

Alright, my dudes! Time to let you see this before others, after subscribestar, as always!

Flat colored commission for Police1007, of their OC Nova with Thunderbolt.

Consider tossing a coin my way over here:


Just posted rewards on patreon for the last time and now it time to roll over to subscribestar full tiem. ๐Ÿ‘Œโœจ

my move over to subscribestar started today ๐Ÿ‘Œโœจ

Thank you all you awesome people! โ™กเธ…(แคหŠ๊’ณเธ…ห‹แคโ™ช)

yup yup. moving off from patreon to subscribestar and fanbox instead.

pa tre on really be out there having idiot policies on what an artist using their platform can and can't do OUTSIDE of pa tre on, just wow

You few people who keep giving my stuff a โญ ...

I see you, I recognize you, and I love you all!!

Noticed I had some screenshots of the process when it came to the miya dragons, so now there's sort of a step by step thing over on my Subscribestar and fanbox! \๐Ÿ‘€/


wondering and considering a pixiv fanbox. idk how that would work out yet, but i'm considering.

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