hed be shocked if she said shes totally ready to have sex now. Because shes not she just thinks she is. But his morality n guilt of having these thoughts about her wouldnt let him do it, and lolly is way too inexperienced and young to take charge, all she could do is explore if hed let her.

she also pretends to be asleep to hear him rub one off late at night. nags him to wash her or shower with her. crawls into his sheets in the morning and presses/rubs herself against his erection

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now she crawls under his covers every day to examine his morning wood. Its her exciting secret for a while. knowing he for some reason doesnt want her to do it and is embarrassed by it makes it all the more exciting. after a few tries to see what he reacts to the way she likes she makes him cum and it feels even more perverse so from then on shell do it till hes groaning and panting in his sleep. Unless he one day wakes up from having her lick him gently shes safe with her secret

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