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I've been quite overworked by coms lately and my physical health is deteriorating day by day.
This is my very first time using Fanbox, please consider supporting me on any of these 2 plans/ tiers as my average to mediocre art skills are my only source of income...PLEASE, I'M MISERABLE


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Hiya! Here's my price sheet
Nsfw pieces cost an additional 12-15usd+ on top of the base price depending on what you need.
Additional characters cost 50% off the base price.
Will draw : humans, elves, monsters/creatures, robots, armor, loli, shota, furry, chibi..
Wont draw : extreme gore. Very detailed backgrounds.
Payment must be upfront via paypal.
You can also support me by making a donation on the link below!
Any additional questions feel free to PM me. Thanks! 😋

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