Image #5 based on a sketch from a slave stream 2 years ago SmudgeProof did for me. I did the colors and redraws/clean ups of the lines.

I also def won't have every thing done by Halloween, but I'll try to get the last few done as soon as I can.

Pinkie's Candy seems to have put Sunset, lilypad and Fluttershy on display as ladypots. Fluttershy and Lily doen't like the new attention, but it seems like sunset is enjoying her transformation.

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@nfreak I never thought I would see potgirls again after the last time Gurochan died

@nfreak At least now Pinkie has the perfect pots to stuff with candy. Perfect for leaving around town for the kids to collect, those that aren't already walking around on all fours at least :P

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