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trying to see if traditional stream with work with garbagecam

I've thought about switching back to traditional for drawings. Any suggestions on characters that could be drawn? :bubbles: preferably loli tier

[body modification alert]
An ebony geisha. Staring in the air as she is wearing blind contact lens.
Day of the dead makeup on and off.

Executed variant for Backstage.

Commission for Moriko.

Damn I haven't been able to concentrate on drawing nsfw for more than 1 1/2 hours. I've been doing art irl with making designs to my pc but anything else just bores me. I remember a time where'd I be drawing for at least 10-14 hours and only stop because of exhaustion. Not that a lot of things were done during the sessions but the drive was certainly there. Not sure what else to do at this point lol :akkoshrug:

Man the 8ch loss was just so sudden. fuckin hell I'll actually be sad if its shut down for good. :blobcry:


holy ... lool . Boy o boy they must want the shootings to increase or something.

Oof I feel so inclined to block anyone who include their gender on their profile. Am I wrong to do so ?

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