Yo so big announcement and maybe the final post for now. I'm going on hiatus til Jan 1st. It's peak season at the work place so I'm working from 6pm-11am to get some extra monies. I doubt I'll have the energy to work on comms so they're being put into queue until then. I've refunded anyone who's paid and I appreciate y'all. I'll also try to setup the giveaway for the clip studio paint pro and the Huion tablet before the end of this month. :100a: :blobartist:

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@nezinmin Good luck and try not to burn yourself out health-wise doing that, 17 hour workday sounds very dangerous.

@nezinmin Please don't overwork yourself and remember to rest plenty during the holiday season
Lest you get trampled to death by Christmas shoppers :blobderp:

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