Quick question: Is there a catalog available for all types of clothing, including sexual? Been wanting to mix and match.

@nezinmin By catalog do you mean like stuff for sale or like a way to look up stuff for slutwear?

@Manatee stuff for slutwear mostly. Google hasn't been to helpful

@nezinmin oh tough. It's hard to find tagged correctly on boorus. Usually you got to go to related searches like prostitution or lingerie. When I make a thread on /aco/ I usually have to limit posts of certain artists to get more variety of slutwear. For a real life catalog try wicked weasel, for other artists that you could ask where they get reference material I'd ask captainjerkpants, afrobull, and tekuho, and legoman if you can get a hold of him.

Mizuryuu kei would be a good ref

@nezinmin you're welcome. Hopefully those artists get back to you. If you need some specific slut wear ideas just tell me the kind and I'll try to find it in my pics.

@nezinmin look on wish/aliexpress lots of options. some look pretty cheap but its just reference so you can make it look better 🤔

@Strawberry Aliexpress has some really odd attire lol, I can't even tell if it's real or not in some cases.

@nezinmin yes???? at least you can get creative with the weird stuff they sell lol
ah and sites like imagefap always have galleries on slutty outfits and stuff like that... i look at wayyyy too much naked people :blobsweat:

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